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Xaar 128/80W (200dpi ) Print Head - Purple Insulator

Xaar 128/80W (200dpi ) Print Head - Purple Insulator

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Xaar 128/80w print head is compatible with a wide range of oil-based, solvent and dye sublimination inks, extensively utilised across the coding & marking and wide-format graphics industries. It's a consistent and highly flexible inkjet solution for producing eye-catching marketing media.
Xaar 128/80W printhead has a firing frequency of 5.5kHz and a drop volume of 80pl. We ship the products across Australia as well as to USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand.

Xaar 128/80w print head Features:
Model Number: Xaar 128/200+ 80pl (Xaar 128/80W cabezales kosmetykach)
Color of insulator: Purple
Active nozzles: 128
Print swathe width: 17.4mm
Nozzle pitch: 137.3um
Nozzle density: 185npi
Drop velocity: 5m/s
Printhead weight: 15.5g
Dimensions (W*D*H): 37.2*40.8*11.3mm
Drop volume: 80pl
Typical firing: 5.5kHZ

Xaar 128/80w has easy integration:
• Suitable for a large number of large format printers
• Compatibility with a wide range of paints (solvent, UV, oil)
• Simple and convenient electronic interface facilitates installation
• A wide range of working latitudes is suitable for cheaper colors

Xaar 128/80w print head is compatible with:
Zhongye ZY 7208
Zhongye ZY 7212
Zhongye ZY 7212 plus
Zhongye ZY 7216
Zhongye ZY 7216 plus
Zhongye ZY 7224
Zhongye ZY 7224 plus
Ampla Digital Targa Plus
NUR Fresco III
Allsign E-Type
DGI Spacejet 3250P

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