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Kyocera KJ4B-0300 printhead

Kyocera KJ4B-0300 printhead

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Kyocera KJ4B-0300 inkjet printhead, with its 2 channels bearing 2656 nozzles in total, is the higly technological solution for printing on textiles.
Such advanced constuction of the head allows the AQ ink to be realiably supplied providing excellent printing covering large printing area at very high speed.

Kyocera KJ4B-0300 technical specification
Dimensions 200mm x 36mm x 61.1mm
Weight 580g
Ink AQ type
Number of nozzles 2656
Standard Resolution 300 x 600 x 2 Colours
Effective Print Width 112.35mm
Max Drive Freuency 30 kHz
Max Print Speed 75 m/min
Drop Volume 5-18pl
Optimum Viscosity 5 - 6 mPa*s

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