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Spectra Starfire SG1024MA Print Head

Spectra Starfire SG1024MA Print Head

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Spectra Starfire SG1024MA print head has 1024 independent channels arranged in 8 rows in a single nozzle plate for single color operation at 400 dpi.

Spectra Starfire SG1024MA print head specification
Robust and repairable construction
30 picoliter nominal drop size
1024 individually addressable jets
Incorporate VersaDrop binary and grayscale jetting
Continuous ink recirculation with RediJet
Removable/replaceable coated metal nozzle plate
Single color operation
Print Width: 64.96 mm [2.55 in.]
Adj. Range for Droplet Size: 30 to 80 picoliter
Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 1024 individually addressable jets
Nozzle Spacing: 0.0635 mm [0.0025 in.]
Max. Frequency: 30 kHz for 30 picoliter droplets, 11kHz for 80 picoliter droplets.
Resolution: Up to 400 dpi
Operating Temperature: up to 55°C
Ink Compatibility: UV-curable, organic solvents, and aqueous inks

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The print head must be installed by a specialist (engineer).